About Kennel Hoyanta



I have had dogs since I was a child, but I did not get my first poodle until 1979. It was a miniature but ever since I first laid an eye on a standard poodle I was completely lost. They have everything I want from a dog.

My first miniature litter was born in 1982.

I got my first standard poodle in 1984 - it was Saltbaeks Black Ophelia.
In 1986 I got my prefix HOYANTA, and from my first standard litter I kept a wonderful black female - Hoyanta Black Lady Angelique. I have never since had a dog with such a personality - even tough many came near it.

In 1988 I kept my first white female - Hoyanta White Comtesse Chaminn. She became dam of many lovely puppies who had there new homes in Germany, France and of course in Denmark.

She was also dam of my first male - Hoyanta White Joker - who was born in 1992, and to multichampion Hoyanta Moonlight Loveaffair, who was born in 1994. As a puppy he went to the Vom Strahlenden Sternchen Kennel in Germany.

In 1993 I bought my first black male - Pin Up Panthers Blacksilhouette.  These two males finished their title very fast and travelled with me to shows all over Europe. They were both great studdogs and has beautiful offspring both here with me and abroad.

In 1995 I stopped breeding miniatures and concentrated on standards extending the breed with silvers and apricots.

My dogs live with me as members of the family- I breed 1-2 litters per year. I try to give my puppies the best start of all growing in harmonious surroundings. I spend a lot of time with the puppies, holding them and teaching them to deal with all situations. When they leave for their new homes they are examined by the vet and provided with a health certificate.

Nowadays I do not have that many dogs - I am not as young as I used to be - but I intend to breed healthy and happy standard poodles as long as I possibly can.

Now in 2017 it is time to say goodbye, we are not able to bree anymore..Sorry.

Anna Hoyer